Audi A3 1,9tdi 2006 Co. Kildare 4500 without negotiation. I sell Audi in diesel as in the title in very good condition. A very clean neat car. Silver color, mileage 219000km, with the recently mentioned clutch, and the timing belt. 2 front tires bought 3 months ago, set up a month ago. In addition, doloze to the car seat velor because they were exchanged for leather. I have a service book with exact dates of exchanges. Auto has a very nice appearance and is cost-saving in maintenance. Worth recommending. The car was used so it has traces of use it is not a museum exhibit. There are no scratches, torn armchairs or other undesirable marks, but you can see small signs of use. It was used by a woman so it is really well looked after. If you are interested, please contact us at tel 0851501406 or 0857088803.Sprzedaje because I need a larger 5 door car. The price is 4500 without negotiation. Very welcome tests. I will send you more photos on e-mail. I am happy for reading.