** WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE ** ANGEL 'S WINGS IS A SUPPORTING BRACKET WITH ANTI-PILLOW FROM LA MILLOU® A new, improved formula. Additional straps that can be attached to a stroller or car seat! Together with the renowned physiotherapist Paweł Zawitkowski, we have worked out the optimal shape of the pillow, which reduces shock and provides maximum comfort during travel, especially for the youngest ones. This unusual pillow is recommended from the first days of the baby's birth. Thanks to the special profiling of Angel's Wings, the child's head is less vulnerable micro-shakes when driving a car or walking on an uneven surface. But this is not the only advantage - Angel's Wings perfectly adapt to the position of a child which causes carefree sleep and baby's comfort. BAG CUSHION IS PERFECT IN EVERY ENVIRONMENT: car seat, stroller, baby chair, and anywhere Your child will need her. WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE