TAXI MINIBUS up to 8 people. 1) I will get to the airport safely, especially when there are children. My taxi is so big that there is no problem to fit two strollers and all luggage. 2) I will get to work on time because I can move around the city very fast using Lana Bus. 3) I will secure the handling of events such as name-day parties, weddings and family celebrations. I am loyal and diligent, and once I promise I will not retreat. 4) I will serve a weekend trip for the whole family deep into Ireland. 5) I plan and organize a group trip of friends to the most interesting places in Ireland. My Taxi operates fully legally, i.e. the taxi has a 8-person taxi license adapted to carry disabled people, has insurance for a taxi, the driver has a taxi driver license. Generally, I travel on a taximeter according to the rates applicable in Ireland, but it is possible to agree on the price of the course. I invite you to cooperation. Phone contact Piotr: 0851435404