*** WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE *** STR OLLER PAD - contribution to stroller, will keep Angel's Wings * in place. New, improved version! Stiffer foam filling, longer drawstrings, cord-elastic at the back as an additional mounting option! Ask your car for the cart, while protecting it from crumbs and dirt! Our contribution will not only enliven every wheelchair with unique graphics and a practical form. It is also a great protection against soiling the cover of the stroller, as well as pleasant protection of the child's body against synthetic cover - perfect in hot weather! It has several holes for seatbelts, a special velcro fastener (removable) that will keep our anti-shock Angel's Wings pillow in place, providing the baby even more comfort during walks :-) OVER 20 PATTERNS TO CHOOSE *** WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE **** WELCOME :)