We provide, among other things: • a free two-week English course • free accommodation for the first 4 weeks in Ireland • assistance in arranging permanent accommodation at a reasonable price • covering the costs of registration in the Irish nursing home • free training, week adaptation course during work • a bonus of EUR 2,000 at the end of each year of work. Job offer: • 36-42 hours per week in the contract, possible overtime • 19 EUR / h (from 41 496 EUR per year) • 21 EUR / h over 78 hours in two weeks • double rate for work on Sundays and holidays • 21 days paid holiday per year • free meals during 12-hour shifts Requirements: law of lecturer of nurse (s), English at the basic level (we help to improve his knowledge) Contact: Adam Krawczyk, 0834279427, [email protected] www.sistersofnazareth. com / irel and. Work in Cork or Dublin