I warmly welcome!!! We start with Christmas Dishes .... REAL HANDMADE As every year, I invite everyone to place orders !!! In this year's menu: Russian dumplings 9e kg (kilo is about 30 pcs.) Cabbage-mushroom dumplings 16e kg. (Forest mushrooms not mushrooms) Dumplings filled with meat 18e kg. Tortellini cabbage-mushrooms. Dumplings with mushrooms. Greek fish 18e kg. Christmas bigos (including mushrooms) 12e kg. Cabbage with peas 9e kg. Croquettes cabbage-mushrooms 2.50e (5pcs 10e) Patties cabbage-mushrooms 2.50e (5pcs 10e) Patties with meat Clear borscht (wine-sweet) 5e liter Prices in relation to quality as affordable as possible. I would like personal pickup at Tallaght, as every year. Please, order by phone no. 0894248077 (on earlier orders possible delivery.) I warmly invite you! Regards Marcel