I am a graduate of the University of Lodz. I am currently applying for a specialist addiction psychotherapy certificate. Being in the certification process, I completed a three-stage training module as part of the Study of Addiction Psychotherapy Vis Salutis based in Łódź accredited by the State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems. I am still improving my skills while studying at the College of Social Psychology in Katowice. I gained experience at the Addiction Treatment Center-Release Foundation in Łódź. I did a training internship at the Krakow Center for Addiction Therapy in Krakow. In addition, I worked at the Rehabilitation Ward for Addicts with Comorbid Mental Disorders in the Clinical Hospital of Józef Babiński in Krakow and at the Center for Psychotherapy and Addiction Treatment - Helping Hand Association in Krakow. Working in both individual and group processes, I focus my practice on helping families with the problem of alcoholism and other addictions / dysfunctions / traumas. I conduct therapy with people addicted to psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs), addictive behaviors (gambling, workaholism), as well as with co-addicted people who have relationships with an addicted partner. In addition, I work on: - DDA (Adult Children of Alcoholics); - Post-traumatic stress disorder; - Anxiety disorders; - Double Diagnosis Tel: 0899486647 or email: [email protected]