Hello, I am looking for a job best in westmeath but for good money I can commute anywhere I have a driving license and a car. I worked on setting up playgrounds (assembling toys, seating, reading drawings, laying rubber surfaces, setting edges and curbs along with its fence and organizing around greenery) I worked on gardens, cascades, lawns, fences invented by clients. I worked on a mini excavator for 2 years, I did a new cemetery in Szczecin, drilling, coordinating, planting 10,000 shrubs and trees. I spent several years on forklifts and teleporters, I made pallets and crates to order for car parts of brands such as BMW, audi, Mercedes, man. And the last 4 years I worked in a company where I honed the skills of making formwork by reading technical drawings, I learned to weld well (mig mag) to operate cranes up to 100ton and cut with gas. There is also no problem with driving SHANTER vehicles with semi-trailers. I know it's a lot for a guy who is 28 years old, unfortunately life from the young went so far that I had to go to work early. You don't believe, call, check. 0892068313 best regards and thank you in advance