Welcome. I am inviting to the "Course of Departure from the Body". This course aims to familiarize with the topic of Astral Travel, the Teaching of Exhale and the incorporation of this knowledge into life. Below I present the course program: DAY ONE1. Introduction. Theory and motivation.2. Indirect method - theory. Break. Lunch.3. Indirect method - practice and simulation.4. Deepening the condition out of the body.5. Keeping the state out of the body.6. Support (approximate time is 5 hours) DAY TWO 7. Analysis of exits from the body.8. Basic skills - Movement, Finding objects, etc. 9. Direct Method - theory. Break. Lunch.10. Practical application - Getting Information, Self-healing, etc. 11. Conscious Dreams - recovery of consciousness during sleep.12. Summary (approximate time is 5 hours) Course date: 13 and 14 February. Course price: First 10 people 20 euros, each next Person 50 euros.