Maybe it will not sound the most impulsively, but nobody is perfect so I do not look for the strength of ideal. I am looking for a person who can be known and liked first and time will tell if something else will come out of it. Meetings with women are not treated as castings for a partner, so they do not give verdicts an exaggeration. First of all, I am looking for a free, cheerful person, without unnecessary baggage in the form of unfinished business with former men, etc. Maybe my life has not pampered me recently, but I am not short of good humor, positive attitude towards people and existence. I like cinema, good music, weekend trips for two, trip and travel. I am a good talker and listener, I am willing to meet a smart companion, necessarily a romantic, also a lonely traveler, like me, a cinema and life fan - ideally with unusual interests and an idea for myself. The age differences have never played a role for me, the maturity of me is exciting, I always get along well with people who are older than me. Mrs. fluffy is welcome, although this is not a condition on my part. Best wishes and I hope that YOU will write to me :) [email protected] [email protected]