We offer creation of widely understood websites and online stores as well as blogs, creating an individual graphic design adapted to mobile devices using the best programming and semantic practices. Services offered: + Any number of subpages - that you put everything you want only; + Tailor-made menu - so that the users visiting the site will "feel this atmosphere" right away; + Admin panel for easy content management - you want to add new content yourself? We will implement it; + Website system service training - do not worry, we will not leave you alone with the IT system; + Videos on the site (YouTube, Vimeo, other ...) - do you want to add a movie or a piece of it to a page? No problem, tell which; + Adaptation of pages to mobile devices - the basis, we do not do other websites; + Internet analytics - track your users, research their behavior on the website, and monetize with advanced statistics; + Optimization - be "Google friendly"; + Cybersecurity - protect yourself at a basic level; + Social networks - show on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but there are also Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and others; + Backups - after completing each of our projects, we make backups, one for you, one for us - diversification of security; + SSL Certificates - place a "green padlock" at your place; + Editing the current content - the previous contractor left a mess? clean up; + Updates - the site works on the old system, and you want to avoid the costs of implementing a new one? We will lower the cost and time of the order; + Blogs - fashion, finance, travel, new technologies or maybe cooking? Share your passion with others, blogs based on WordPress, Wix or Ghost will give you pleasure when writing new articles; + Hosting - interchangeably called a server, without it the website will not be visible on the Internet, we will do it; + Domains - you do not have your domain yet? We will advise what to buy; + Administrative support - you get free for each of our projects; + Administration - are you looking for someone to administer the site? We can do it; + Different language versions - English, German, French, and maybe Tamil? We will add everything; + Slideshows - a positive shock at the beginning for the user is a good thing; + Contact forms - let them contact you; + Photo gallery - attention, it will be beautiful; + Professional photographs - do not have your photos? We use photo banks; + Google Maps - let them see you; + Professional e-mail addresses - use dedicated mail; + Electronic payments - get money instantly; + VAT invoice at the end - and life becomes easier; Please do not forget to leave a contact (e-mail and / or telephone) and we will try to present the offer on the same day. Designing and implementing information systems for you will be our great pleasure, which you will also experience when you receive a ready product from us. Contact: + Via the contact form + By phone: +48 732 280 741 + By mail: [email protected] + Through our website: