Repair of hydraulic hoses (mobile workshop) We are looking for a person with a well-proven mechanical background, a B driving license, a good English language. We provide training. More information in the link below or by phone -6771586ba0ea94cf & desth = ffe7e6e7454caa2d084b5ef169594f9b & prevUrl = https% 3A% 2F% 2FM%%% 2Fjobs 3Fq 3Dfield%%% 2Bservice 2Bengineer% 26l% 3DDublin & tk = 1car0h6jh9oprf9i & dupclk = 1 & acatk = 1car0hdhp91h8877 & pub = 6917c08ec3ecf6012dd26f3773156e870cace3277f6b99df