If you want to make sure that you are looking for an arrest warrant in Poland and a European Arrest Warrant - you only need to contact AJ Lex representative who, after receiving the order, will tell you who and why you are seeking the most in a dozen days through a lawyer cooperating with her. . The arrangements made are covered by lawyer's secret and nobody will know about it outside of you. If it turns out that you have unfinished and even completed cases in Poland (only you do not know about them) - in most cases you can help and lead to the abrogation of even those sentences that have been passed in your absence. You will get all the information without having to come to Poland. All you need to do is sign the attorney's authorization letter for the lawyer, get acquainted with the information bill and pay the fees (130 euros or the equivalent, the service includes VAT). If you want to deal with a specific matter - you will need individual contact and setting goals and financial conditions. The case will be dealt with by an attorney cooperating with us.