Typical English windows, attractive prices among local dealers, free online quotes. PB ROOFEX is a producer of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. Our offer includes: Typical English windows - open to the outside !!!!! ★ PVC windows • Ideal 4000, Ideal 5000, Ieal 7000, Ideal 8000 • Energeto, Energeto Foam inside, Bonding inside, Passiv-Haus, Aluskin • Block NL (Dutch windows), Nord-Line (Scandinavian windows), Renovation (French windows ), Monoblock (French windows, Italian windows) ★ Aluminum windows • MB-59, MB-60, MB-70 • Cold-warm facade MB-70CW, MB-70CW HI • Mullion and transom walls MB-SR50 ★ PVC doors and aluminum • entry PVC Ideal 4000, Ideal 7000 New • entrance aluminum MB-104 Passive, MB-86 • sliding PSK, Harmonics • lift and slide HST ★ Exterior blinds • applied • adaptive ★ Shutters, window sills, ventilators, mosquito screens More of You can find our offer at or We invite you to take advantage of our offer and private individuals. Send us your inquiry. You will receive an offer quickly and free of charge. In a short time we will process your order and deliver it to the address indicated. ROOFEX High Technology Windows Al. Kasztanowa 4, 72-005 Przecław Poland Tel: +48 914328431 or +48 914328435 Fax: +48 914328430 E-mail: [email protected]