Do you know that you can settle your tax without leaving your home and literally on the spot? We will do it for you! We will check for free whether you will be refunded and we will settle it. All you have to do is call us or write an e-mail, and you will immediately receive information about the tax due. Anyone who has ever settled in D & M Services appears in our database and does not need to provide P60 in person. At the beginning of the year, employees will receive from employers P60, a summary of income and taxes for work for the previous year. All you have to do is send us a P60 document and our accountants will check if you are entitled to a tax refund. We also remind you about the change of the office of our accounting office - now D & M Services is located at: Unit 26 Park West Enterprise Center Nangor Road Dublin 12 The previous location is no longer associated with our office and there is no documentation of existing customers. All documents have been transferred to our new headquarters. See detailed information at www.dmksiegowosc.eu and take advantage of ten years of experience in our office.