With the new year, a new step, Once you live, If you do not take a chance, you will not know, Try and maybe you will not get dressed, so optimistically trying to start a new year, because I am looking for the second half for the rest of my life. I am 40 +, even closer to 50, tall, handsome, independent, cultured, non-smoker, living alone, I am looking for a woman of similar age, neat, nice, not less than 160 cm tall, it would be nice if she was motorized because I live 50km from Dublin, independent, thinking about a serious relationship, of course, a nanny. Will I find one here? If he is to speak, in return he proposes to exchange correspondence, a meeting for coffee, and if we fall into one's eye, I will be able to live together at home, in the evenings by the fireplace, breakfasts in bed and many other things. Regards and I am waiting for a nice lady