As every year, I invite everyone to place orders !!!! A real Christmas Firecracker !!!). Homemade dishes, On the menu: Russian dumplings (one kilogram of dumplings is 30 pcs.) 9e kg / 20 pcs. 7e. Cabbage-mushroom sprouts (forest mushrooms - no mushrooms) 16e kg / 20 pcs. 11e. meat 20e kg / 20 pcs 12eUsa cabbage-mushrooms 20e kgRyba in Greek 18e kg, bigos 12e kg, Cabbage with peas 9e kg, croquettes cabbage-mushrooms 2.50e pcs.Pasztka 2.50e pcs (5 pcs 10e), Barszczyk clear 5 e liter .Murzynko cheesecake 30e plate Prices as the most affordable ,,, in relation to quality I would like, as every year, for a personal pickup at Tallaght. (with earlier orders possible delivery) Regards, Marcel. PLEASE CALL !!! ... Tel. 0894248077 I WILL NOT WAIT FOR EMAIL