Speech Therapist in Dublin. A speech therapy center addressed to parents of preschool and school children. Therapy of speech defects such as: - Seplenation (other than signalism) - incorrect pronunciation of sounds s, z, c, dz, ś, ź, ć, dź, sz , ż, cz, j.- Reranie (In. Rotacyzm) - incorrect realization of the sound r - Kappacyzm - incorrect pronunciation of the sound k- Gammacyzm - incorrect pronunciation of the voice g - unspeakable voice - disorder in the realization of voicing - Lambdaacism - incorrect pronunciation of the voice l.Terapia speech and communication disorders - this applies in particular to such disorders as: aphasia, dysarthria, stuttering. Works with children with autistic disorders, Asperger's syndrome, Down Syndrome. Therapy conducted on the basis of the Krakowska Method. Get ready today! Classes are also held at the weekend, Fri, Sat, Sun. at 9.00-16.00Paulina Siejek tel. 083 166 8850