Hello, My name is Dorota and I work with a foundation that helps homeless people in Dublin. Among the homeless, whom we help, there is one charming Pole, whose life has not worked out like in a fairy tale. He has been in Ireland for over ten years, of which he spent at least half of that time on the street, without a roof over his head, and only about a year ago found a place in the hostel, which he can call home. Many years of homelessness and alcohol addiction have also contributed to numerous health problems. He does not maintain contact with his family in Poland and his English is quite limited, so he is quite lonely in the environment in which he is. For this reason, we came up with the idea to organize a "Polish day." Do you know someone who has a musical talent and could come to us and play some mini gig / gig? If anyone would like to help, please write me on priva, then I will give you more details. Thank you in advance! Dorota