Hello I am a representative of the unique device which is Termomix TM5 from Vorwerk. This "compact kitchen appliance" performs the tasks of 12 devices, offering the functions: mixing, steam cooking, blending, weighing, mixing, grinding, whipping, emulsifying, dissolving, kneading dough, cooking and chopping. Thermomix ® effortlessly combines the functions of a meat grinder, grater, kneading machine, whisk, grinder, pestle and mortar, ice cream and sorbet machines, a mixer, an ice pick, a kitchen robot and a coffee grinder and spices. Thermomix ® is used around the world by millions of satisfied home chefs and chefs. Join the culinary revolution and change your cooking with the new Thermomix ® device. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = Fl9sCkWTGE8 & feature = youtu.be I invite you to a free presentation Marta 0858460298