The professional fishing pontoon boat class C, 3.9metres, takes up to 6 people: BISON MARINE OLIVE GREEN INFLATABLE FISHING SPORTS AIR RIB BOAT 13ft, details of this boat are available at: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BISO N-MARINE-OLIVE-GREEN-INFLATABL E-FISHING-SPORTS-AIR-RIB-BOAT-13ft- / 390877040648 Lodz has a great aluminum floor. All you can pack up to two separate bags. Outboard Yamaha 15hp Four Stroke engine in absolutely perfect condition (serviced annually) with a stand and fuel tank. The boat with the engine was used mainly on lakes and rivers. Two or three times in the season, we took it with Howth at the Irelands Eye for a mackerel fishing trip. The engine after sea expeditions has always been tucked with fresh water. In addition: 20 meters rope, anchor with 2 meters of chain, 3 x high class pneumatic life jackets, turbine and piston pump with digital pressure setting. BRAVO BTP 12 Digital. Additional photos per e-mail , tel: 0857219249