hello I am 35 years old I am in 33 week ciego, currently I am in Germany where someone thinks is a miracle honey is wrong, I went with my family here I found a lover and left me with three children and the fourth on the way, dolnośkowal access to accounts, etc. I am currently waiting for a response from the municipality where I have submitted a request for help but it lasts 3 months and I still have to report papers, we live with children's allowance of 600e, I do not know what to do on the family I can not count because I do not have, I'm begging for any A penny on my account or maybe someone could borrow a few pennies on the contract, my account number Maria Polit DE43320613844402260012 Code bank GENODED1GDL volksbank an der niers.Blagam people of good will for help because I get to the streets to collect only.