A bike with an electricity bumper. Battery in the frame. - New in the original box. This electric bicycle is a new standard among electric vehicles. The urban folding bike can even fit into the smallest boot. This makes it ideal for trips outside the city or as a work vehicle. I do not need to pedal and move on my own. Engine: (brushless): 250W gas handle. Range: 35-40km. Speed: 32km / h (can be accelerated by pulling the cable out of the cube but the battery lasts for a shorter time). Battery: Samsung 7.8 mAh 36V in a Li-ion frame; lifetime of 1500 charging cycles. The battery is locked in the frame and can be pulled out for charging or not necessarily. Wheel size: 20/20 inches. Power consumption: AC 230 V 50 Hz. Charging time: 4-5 hours. Brakes: Shimano. Accessories: LED lights, bell. Battery and charger included. User manual. 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Several colors to choose from.0858276324.