Hey! My name is Andrea, I am 26 years old, I am fresh in Ireland since October, I work in a confectionery, I am very calm, honest, not demanding woman who is just looking for a calm, normal roof for which I will come back to the hard nights of my work. I come from Croatia :) I know English very much I care about the quick answer because I urgently need a new roof for the head because unfortunately you will not be a good idea and prefer to live alone with someone normal. Do not ball, I'm neat, do not drink, just piles cigarettes (I can go outside) and I use the internet. I work very much the same from 20/20/11 to 8rano! I only have Saturdays and Mondays free! We will get along with the price because the flat will literally kill me! Do not let anything happen to me and that's why I have to change because I really do not pay for nothing and I do not have anything 083 825 1669, preferably sms. Partner helps to write because he is not in irl jeszcz :)