Vita-Min Multiple Sport A NEW FORMULA is a complex composition of vitamins (Vita-Plex) containing, among others, innovative vitamin C of the new generation PureWay-C along with the complex of special extracts (HEPA-PROST DETOX) affecting the normal function of the liver and prostate. The set includes a second capsule (Chela-Min), with highly absorbable, top quality mineral components in the form of amino acid chelates of the company ALBION. Both Vita-Plex and Chela-min complexes help to cover the basic demand for essential micronutrients of the body, burdened with heavy physical efforts. I also have supplements from OLIMP, OPTIMUM NUTRITION, SPORT DEFINITION, FA Engineered Nutrition, PVL Mutant, HI-TEC and others. The lowest prices. tel 0857401361.