I will sell a working Polish (140m) store with or without goods, fully equipped. The store contains: 2 marketowki2 Deli2 coolers3 slicer3 scales (2 with stickers) 2-chamber sink-shaped fridge under the shape of a table for slicers. Large bowls. Touch box with scanner and drawer. Stand for vegetables. and gondolas2 cones for advertising Shopping carts and trolleysAdvertising outdoor neon light (and signboard - new advertisement) Large chalkboard 3m x 1.5m for Deli on the wall2 dispensers for paper towelCooler disinfector for cancer and liquid soapTerma for hot waterInstalled alarmHolding systemMonitoring and camerasStreched Ceiling All electrical installation (belongs to the store not to the landlord, as well as the ceiling) Air conditioner with heating and cooling function. Canteen available. The room is equipped with a 3-door wardrobe. The shop has two wing doors and 2 large display windows, as well as access to closed courtyards behind the store. 0851194807