Looking for a double room with bathroom location Talafornia, Citywest, Saggart. The cheaper, the better the 600 600 is. The room is looking for peace from February, February. Requirements: -mother roommates-room not in the atmosphere of Prach (although this is not a necessary condition in many places lived during studies) - I like the friendly atmosphere in the apartment (so that no one walks like a tilt on a beetle) ) - Flame, political views and whether you like peas or not, I'm interested in the average - it would be good to find people who like to go to a party sometimes / drink. ☺ I will not pick up the social I know, I know stupidity is working now but something you have to do it in life. If someone has something or hear about such a room I will be grateful for any information. I am a bachelor before 30:) 0879211681