Life Coach If you need changes in life, you do not know how to go about it, you're afraid of change, you feel uncertain about life coaching is for you. What is life coaching? it's a way to get to know yourself, your needs, it's positive psychology, a simple form of help for all those who have physical or organizational problems. Life coaching will help you find a golden mean and answer many questions about your everyday life, relationships, work, life goals. Life coaching will help you re-arrange the life of the mother / father of the wife / husband and man of success, help you become a kind, assertive, elemental, full of new challenges and goals. lifecoaching will teach you to talk to each other and understand the needs of others. Lifecoaching is a good recipe for a happy life. After coaching sessions, you'll find meaning in those areas of life where you got lost. This is a life battery. I am an accredited Life Coac. I encourage you to contact me: Magda 0872485041