I am a Polish civilian mediator inscribed on the list of permanent mediators and a court mediator. I run out-of-court civil mediation and mediation at the request of Polish courts. What is mediation? is a situation in which conflicting parties can not cope with the differences that separate them. Then, at their request (out-of-court mediation) or with their consent (court mediation), a third person disputes a dispute - a mediator. The mediator is an impartial person whose task is to help the parties in the dispute to resolve the conflict, prepare a settlement - a solution accepted by both parties, who can be given the enforcement clause in court without having to resolve the dispute by the court. Mediation is conduct: voluntary and informal, confidential, in which a neutral mediator participates, whose goal is to resolve a conflict accepted by both parties without the so-called "power" solutions. I encourage you to contact me. Menaena Magda Pieta 0872485041