Opel Insignia Graphit Metallic, year of manufacture 2009 equipped with 6 speed manual gearbox, dynamic diesel engine 2.0CDTI (160 horses), bucket seats, 18 "rims, ABS, ESP, TCS, ISOFIX 3x3 (chair attachment point for children) rich package AIRBAG's (6x), adjustable multifunctional steering column, Bluetooth loudspeaker system, full electrics from mirrors and windows by controlling sports passenger and driver's seats, clutch + flywheel, water pump + timing replaced by the previous owner when the counter was 225.000km, car well-maintained inside for outside - serviced, come and see for yourself. I will try to answer any other question under 0857452462. Thank you .https: // ars-for-sale / opel-insignia-2-0 -cdti160bhp-conditional-sale- / 13643025