Hello, we invite people who: - expect more income than give a basic job or business; - they are ambitious, but do not earn adequately to their work and time contribution - they run companies, but investments and restrictions overwhelm them - they are looking for additional income for their household. If something is close to you - learn about the solution that may happen to you to your liking. Do you like it, I do not know, but we can check it out. Project 2015/16 is MY CAREER. In Ireland and UKE, the FRANCHISING Online system is developing. The possibility to develop financial independence within 3 years is based on the proven business Alticor, supported by the know-how of the Dynamic Modern Business business group (DMB). DMB is a team of people - international business practitioners, from whom you will learn how to build a business that gives you a permanent additional income. If the topic is interesting for you, let's meet. 0858264120