Hello, Lord. I will not be original, if I say that I am looking for a woman for joint meetings, walks, trips and those close to me and those who are next. This is not an offer sex, although I do not rule out a permanent relationship. Let me, ladies and gentlemen, briefly introduce myself: Tomasz, 49, divorced after the passage. Still, full of hope. Of course, working, however, I do not hide, sometimes loneliness. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, briefly describe yourself ... height 167cm, slim ... let's say a short cut :) Interests ... a bit of it, you can say a little bit of everything. What I like ... go out for coffee, sit in front of tv, travels not only in Ireland, walks ... and many other things:) Cheerful, cheerful, but serious thinking about life. Giving you kindness, openness, honesty, honesty and emotionality . Confidence is very important to me. Ladies and gentlemen, please contact us at tel. 0857676004.