AVON I !!! Earn with AVON - become a consultant. If you have some free time and you want to make more money, you can become a Consultant. Avon company is looking for people from Ireland and not only. It is a form of earning for everyone and the time and place you choose yourself. The development and financial goals set by you will depend only on your energy and enthusiasm. You place an order online on the Avon zone. The zone operates 24 hours a day. Where can you leave the catalogs? at work, at friends, at the beautician, at the hairdresser's, at Polish stores, etc.). You are interested, you have questions - please write to mysza078wp.pl in 1 catalog as the order will be 160 PLN will be water for 1 PLN to choose in 2 the catalog will be 30% discount if the order will be 300 zlotys in the 3rd and 4th catalog if the order will be for a total of 600 zlotys, you can choose a watch or handbag for 1 zlotys http://www.avonmenage r.pl/prezenty.php mysza078 @ wp. en