Hello, are you looking for a new mobile network? Have you heard anything about company 48? I've been in this network for over a year and have never had a problem with it, it always works and does not cheat on the internet. 48 has its own website www.48months.ie it is more designed for students from 18-23 but it certainly does not eliminate people over the age of 23. An account via the internet or recently a new option with a loan can be bought in the store and you can choose one of three tariffs over the internet. no.1 -300min to all networks, free text messages to all networks, 1GB of internet, 60 min to home and unlimited text messages on WhatsApp (only for 10 euros) no.2-50min to all networks, 100 smsow to all networks, 15GB internet and WhatsApp (15euro) .no.3 - 1000 connections to all networks, free text messages to all networks, 8GB of internet, Whatsapp and 60min to home (20 euros). When you order from me, simcarda you also get a 10 euro loan to start and help when transferring numbers and shown. Tel - 0852261520