POLISH FIZJOTERAPEUTA - KONRAD - Dublin City PHYSIOTHERAPY Address: MEDICAL CLINIC, 43 PRUSSIA Street DUBLIN 7 FIZJO - CONRAD TAKES ON MONDAY ... Wednesday .... Sunday From 14.00 -Day 18.00 + Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Massage, treatments - Tax bills. Most modern computer apparatus for PHYSICOTHERAPY - diagnosis of weapons - Laser probe, ultrasound, magnetotherapy and electrotherapy, 5 thousand. therapy programs. Orthopedic assistants. YOU NEED TO SUFFER from pain !!! You do not have to fly to Poland. Low prices * If you are not sure whether your personal physiotherapist can solve the problem? FREE online consultation ** it gives you the opportunity to discuss your problem and get help ** If physiotherapy - rehabilitation is not the best solution, I can recommend you, for example. Consultations with a Polish specialist, eg. COSTOPEDY in Ireland. Email: conradphysio @ yahoo. ie; HOME VISITS On the M-3 route Dublin-Kells ADRES, map M2; WELCOME tel 0862259494