I warmly welcome! Professional repair of computer hardware (TV, LAPTOP, STATIONARY EQUIPMENT, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, GPSY, WIRELESS EQUIPMENT and others) We repair them all and all brands (SAMSUNG, SONY, LG, PHILIPS, DELL, ACER, ASUS, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA , LENOVO and others) We repair all problems with computer equipment. Repair of main boards, power sockets (30e), buttons and other components, data recovery, removal of VIRUSES, UPGRADE memory, SSDs, processors, installation of WINDOWS XP / win7 / win8 / win10 / Linux / OS systems, configuration and optimization of Systems and networks Internet, BLUE SCREEN repair, replacement of damaged dies in laptops of all types and sizes. Update maps for each GPS navigation. Free diagnosis of faults. YOU DO NOT PAY FOR AN UNUSED USLUGE! Possible access. CONTACT: 087-1208366