I will sell 100L and 30L aquarium with full equipment CO2 2L / 5KG bottle with reducer PH Weipro2 controller x time programmers EHEIM PRO3 external filter 350 Internal filter EHEIM Biopower 200 EHEIM Jaeger 100W and 50W SERA aquariums testbox - used only 4 times Fluorescent lamps 2 x 39W Plant pro + 1 x 24W Plant pro Power supply HAGEN Glo 2 x 39 + 1 power supply 1 x 24W New inserts EHEIM for the tuft filter + peat + carbon + JBL Bionitrax Glass stainless inlet and outlet Full set of EasyLife fertilizers Co2 tests + glass indicator Glass elbows for tubes Co2 Flexi brush for cleaning filter tubes Glass Set Medications for fish Sera and JBLJBL Artemio Set with a pumpTools for trimming and cultivating plantsReception, volcanic stones, etc.Contact 0876453043, I do not reply to emails.