A lucrative job offer for car painters in Ireland. A car workshop in Limerick will employ a person with experience of working in a car workshop when painting cars. Weekly pay € 400.00- € 450.00! LABOR OFFER: Position: Car painters Country: Ireland, Limerick. REQUIREMENTS: Professional experience: Required work experience in a car workshop, with a refinish specialty. Education: Not required. Language: Although basic knowledge of English. Additional requirements: Preferred men. Long-term contract. Minimum 1 year. Fee: € 400.00 /, 450.00 a week. Weekly working time: Full-time work. 40 hours per week. Accommodation: Payments made by the Employer in the vicinity of the place of work, payable by the Employee, in the amount of € 60 / week. Beginning of work: WORK FROM AN EMERGENCY: [email protected]