Unusual? Imaginary? Complicated? At the same time, the world that rules so simple rules. Since I found myself in it ... It means more or less that I need definitely stronger stimuli, emotions, experiencing moments - than a statistical inhabitant of the globe. Similarly, life consists of short moments, wonderful moments or unpleasant incidents - I want to experience them. So, what for? If you want me to devote my time to you, I will devote myself to you, so ... Am I here to fulfill my desires? Satisfy my needs? - The only thing I can offer you at this moment is an interesting evening, with "something" to drink in "Some" interesting place ... What then? Perhaps I would like to spend a remarkable night in your head, However, I am aware that this is possible only if you are like me, a believer of values ​​such as openness, trust and a sense of security. Do not ask me about motives - they are the same as your 0892017382