Hello, I present a price list of vegetables and fruit. Zolciutkie gallons 15kg13e, young potatoes 1.50g, ground cucumbers 2.50ekg, set for ensiling with horseradish leaves 1.50pcs, Polish strawberries in kobalki only on request, apple apples small and juicy1. 30kg or whole box 15kg17e, large raspberry tomatoes 4g, young dairy 2pcs, malted organic cucumbers 4.50kg, dill 0.80cc, whole carrot bag 10kg 8e or 1kg 0.90c, young cabbage 2pcs, salata 1eszt , radishes 1p., dark grapes 2op.3e, bananas 1.20kg., juicy orange 1.50kg or 15kg17e, eggs from free range tasty and semi-spicy 18szt3e, botwinka 1.80szt.Zraszraszam warmly to use our offer, we bring to customers in each Monday. Decisions can be made under number 0851475461.