RABBIT-KURIER WELCOME !!!, Tel: +353892075213, +48731209606 !!! WE SHIP FROM POLAND IN EVERY FRIDAY OF IRELAND ON EVERY SUNDAY !!! NEAREST TRAVEL DIRECTIONS: From Poland to Ireland on 27/05/2016, we collect packages until 25/05/2016 /// From Poland to Ireland 03.06.2016, we collect parcels until 01.06.2016 /// From Poland to Ireland 10/06/2016, we collect parcels until 08.06 .2016 --- From Ireland to Poland 29/05/2016, we collect packages 27-28.05.2016 --- From Ireland to Poland 05/06/2016, we collect parcels 03-04.06.2016 --- From Ireland to Poland 12/06/2016, we collect paczki 10-11.06.2016 ... IMPORTANT: Packages in Ireland above 50 km from Dublin are collected from Monday to Wednesday of each week. We offer you promotional prices for transport services such as parcels in Ireland, parcels, pallets, bicycles, and many others. Poland Ireland-Ireland Poland (door to door). For more information, please contact us by phone or visit our website.