Discs and pads for Audi, VW, BMW standard as well as engraved and drilled. Product Master-sport Automobiltechnik Germany.2 years warranty. Discs and pads for: Passat, Superb (standard) Front 75e setTyl 60e setbase 85e set (drilled and engraved) TYL 75e setAudi A4, A6pod 75e set (standard) all 60e setcod 85e set (drilled and engraved) back 75e setBmw E46 3 seriesepone 90e set (standard) rear 80e setup 100e set (drilled and engraved) back 90e setGolf, Bora, Octavia, Toledo front 70e settyl 60e setwith 85e set (drilled and engraved) back 75e setklock from 10e (60k KM warranty) and many other parts www.a-cars.ie 08572 97718