Fresh, clean air and pleasant coolness on hot days, i.e. Efficient and Fuzzy Air Conditioning in Your CarWe offer * Filling / downgrading from 50 € * Fumigation, ozone conditioning 35 € (Disinfection of car air conditioning by ozonation: Kills bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi, mildew. Removes the smell of mustiness, rot, tobacco smoke, gasoline, lubricants, odors coming from the fresheners, odors left over from the car, eg poured drinks. It neutralizes the allergens contained in pollen.) * Checking the vacuum (nitrogen test) air-tightness from 20 € * Checking the pressure of the system * Air conditioning repairs Review and cleaning the air conditioning in the car we do efficiently and accurately, so that you can enjoy fresh and healthy air in your cars. More information on the number 085 166 36 81Garaz is located in Castledermot, Co.Kildare