BEAUTIFUL MUFFEK CHOICE TO CARAIN BY LA MILLOU :) MUFKA ON TWO HANDS - FITTED TO BAGS FOR BAG BUCK.New, IMPROVED VERSION - NOT AUTONOMOUS! While driving the cart in the autumn and winter season, our hands are very exposed to wind, rain and snow. Warm yourself and enjoy the walk regardless of the weather. Thanks to our muff, put on the handle of the trolley, your hands do not get cold, the trolley will look stylish and joyful, fastened with snaps, filled with a warm, elastic fabric, sewn inside with a soft minky, and beautiful cotton on the outside. Between the cotton and sewn nonwoven sewn was impregnated with the ortalion, thanks to this even on rainy and snowy days - our hands will be dry and warm. WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE