Do you build and renovate - you raise the standard of your property? Fantastically found! DECOSTONES knows the interior finishes - we have been doing it for years. We offer comprehensive service and a set of the highest quality materials at a reasonable price. Large selection, cheap construction materials / renovation of high quality, With DecoStones, you can easily finish your house. You can put plaster plasters, putty putties, putties, a wide selection of glues, mortars, self-leveling screeds, soils or everything that is needed to make carry out the final construction works. In addition, we have a wide range of: decorative, elevation-plaster gypsum, concrete and natural-decorative plasters MAGNAT Style-mosaic plasters-floor panels FINSA-floor boards (imitation wood or concrete) - interior doors-gypsum panels 3DCheck out our offer www.decostones.iePossible delivery throughout Ireland