I WILL SELL NEW BLADES, NOT USED IN THE ORGINAL PACKAGING OF THE COMPANY -APEC-DSK 776 FOR FITTING MODELS: WV Passat [96-01] Passat Estate [97-01] AUDI: A4 [95-01] A4 Avant [95-01] A4 [01 -05] A4 Avant [01-05] A4 [05-08] A4 Avant [05-08] A8 [94-02] S8 [97-10 | Size Vented - Mountings 5 ​​Center diameter 68.0mm Minimum thickness 20.0mm Disc thickness 22.0mm Disc diameter 280.0mm Overall height 46.2mm Center diameter 68.0mm Overall height: 46.2mm phone: KAROL 0860374005 NEWBRIDGE