Fully qualified and experienced painter- decoratorFriendly guys, devoted to his work, he loves and respects how people and their property. Private interest reflects good results in commissioned work, as well as joy and thanks to clients, which is an additional reward and motivation for even better achievements and efforts. It depends on my getting to every honest customer who cares about a job well done and he understands perfectly well that his home, apartment, company, nor do he store it really his asylum and a place where he spends most of his life and depends on his existence a healthy, well-being. ^ Interiors of any decorative finish walls, ceilings and joinery. ^ Exterior painting all works, metal fences or wooden management. ^ Picking old wallpapers ^ Papering, painting. ^ Repairing cracked walls and ceilings. ^ Refreshing wood, doors, window frames. Tel. 0892259055