LA MILLOU® BLANKETS IN A MORE SIZE. PERFECT FOR A SPACER, FIT FOR EVERY TROLLEY, AND ALSO AS A BAG FOR A HOME. 80X100 Double-sided blanket: one side of soft, high-quality cotton, which perfectly matches the color chosen, unearthly nice, original minky. In the middle filled with anti-allergic, silicone fabric, giving it an extraordinary lightness, while providing pleasant warmth. It can be used as a cover during everyday naps and walks or as a soft mat on which we can safely place a baby. rodukt hand-sewn, with the highest accuracy and using the best quality materials. Packaged in a company's canvas bag and adorned with a heart-tag. Perfect for the role of a stylish and remarkable gift for a baby shower, birthday or other pleasant occasion.WWW.FLUFFYFIELDS.IE