DEPILATION WAX COURSE FOR APPLICATIONS: APRIL AND MAY !! The course is addressed to people who want to master the mechanical method of waxing. Wax hair removal is a very effective way of removing hair, and the effect of treatment lasts up to a month. Theoretical part: - detailed familiarization with waxes, depilatory accessories - analysis of the composition of liquid waxes, hard for proper selection of the preparation to the client's needs - discussion of using different types waxes and cosmetics before and after waxing. Practical aspects of hair removal with various types of waxes: (liquid wax, classic method using felted and linseed strips) learning waxing with hard wax, traditional method without lips-depilation underarms-depilating legs-depilating hands-depilation bikini-depilation mustache-depilation for gentlemenKatarzyna Oleszczuk. Instructor. Instructor Kosmetologiitel. 0868459125