Lord, Summer is coming. Do you want to jump into such fashionable shorts this season? I invite you for massages. Already 3 are enough to see in centimeters the loss in the circumference of the thighs and buttocks. I will effectively remove cellulite and your skin will regain a firm look .... Meanwhile, I encourage you to pyling with coffee and cinnamon. Coffee removes dead skin and skin imperfections after winter. After the coffee, the skin will take on a beautiful golden shade and you will not need such an unhealthy tanning bed. Cinnamon, however, firms the epidermis. The slimming properties of coffee and cinnamon have long been known. And please remember in the spring that the olive after the bath we put only on wet skin - never on dry. In this way, keep moisture in the skin and stay firm and young. Massage will also firm your face, I will lift the face oval (bind women in the 40s) and remove small wrinkles. Remember: your skin to be beautiful and young needs like water massage, hydration, care and piling. They are much more effective than any